Crisp, clean and odorless spirits without the harsh burn. Whether your shooting it straight or mixing it, our Booze goes down like no other. At the heart of our distilling process is advanced filtration and a double distillation which ensures only the finest finished product. Below you will see the four pillars of our mission. Each time you break out the Booze, you can expect…


Satisfying spirits that are easy to drink.


Fine ingredients make for a fine fragrance.


Pure clean and double distilled quality.


Consistently the spirit of choice in taste tests.

Real Booze is the product of two friends who came up with a recipe for a smoother tasting vodka; made from only the best ingredients. Our passion for distilling fine spirits takes a back seat only to promoting an active healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Our finely distilled products compliment that lifestyle by providing some much needed stress relief.

Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing generic about our distillation process, ingredients or our secret recipe. We painstakingly distill our gluten free corn based vodka 6 times for the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness. The spirit produced by this method when enjoyed in moderation is the perfect compliment to this style of living. Our products stand out amongst premium quality spirits. Real Booze has a smooth flavor which rivals many of the top shelf industry leading brands. Our product is made in small batches using an all glass still so you can be assured that your last sip will be as good as the first. The president of our company has spent many years in the bartending business and began to notice that there were predictable patterns of consumption, thus our newest product will be the bartender’s best friend. Utilizing the unique formulation of our products you get a perfect flavored spirit.

Our products are specifically designed to get people excited about trying something new as well as provide a new perspective to those who have already established their favorite spirit. The ultra smooth, zero burn, crisp, clean, and relaxing flavor of our products is not simply something to enjoy. It is a relationship to be experienced.

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